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Why Choose a Childminder?

Why Choose a Childminder?

Registered Childminders are professional day carers who work in their own home to provide care and education for other people’s children in a family setting offering a flexibility of service that is difficult to find in other provisions.  Childminders often provide a very sociable experience for your child, taking them to various playgroups or outings so you can be sure your child is getting plenty of interaction with other children of a similar age.  

Registration and training through Ofsted are mandatory for all childminders, as is a detailed DBS check on past history of anyone over the age of 16 years in the house. There is no such requirement for vetting or training of nannies. All childminders must also have public liability insurance as a condition of Ofsted registration and a current Ofsted-approved first aid certificate.

Childminders are regularly inspected by Ofsted to ensure not just the safety of the childminder's home, but check that meals are properly planned and healthy and that the childminder is equipped to educate as well as play with the children in their care.  You should ask to see their inspection report when you are interviewing a childminder.  Registered childminders are allowed to care for a maximum of six children under eight years old, of which usually no more than three may be under the age of five.  These numbers include the childminder's own children.  

Some parents have found that childminding in a home environment can be more flexible than other forms of childcare. Many childminders are able to offer:

Early starts, pick-ups from your home, breakfast for your child, the school run, trips to nursery, pre-school, toddler groups or soft play sessions, snacks and drinks, collection from school, help with homework, drop-off at after-school activities, supper, overnight care or emergency care, childcare for shift workers, term-time only or school holiday care.

Because childminders only care for small groups of children, childminders are ideally placed to care for babies and under-2s, giving them the individual attention and attachment young children need. Caring for mixed age ranges also means brothers and sisters can be cared for together, making life easier for the whole family. And being with others of different ages helps children learn to work and play together.

Your child will be cared for in a home environment, usually with other children of different ages and backgrounds, so they can enjoy a very sociable, engaging setting.  Childminders usually have children themselves so they will be very intuitive and understanding of children's needs.  They will also usually be very willing to take your child to a number of groups and activities, so they can experience lots of educational and fun scenarios, from trips to the park or museum to weekly attendance at a local playgroup.  If your child likes routine and you think they'll get on better being looked after by one person who they'll see on a regular basis, a childminder is great - they can offer consistent care by looking after your child for many years.